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The Return of Luscious Lipstick…Hoorah!

26 Oct

We at BlushFX are huge fans of lipstick, second only to blush, of course. And make that all kinds of lipstick. Creamy, matte, sheer, light, medium, dark, high-end, drugstore or discount. We love it all!

As much as we also adore the gloss that J.Lo made famous (and yes we are a little obsessed with her) there is just something about lipstick that is…transformative, feminine, luscious, and just so darned glamorous in that femme fatale way.

So naturally we were ecstatic when we first saw the release of this gorgeous Vanesssa Paradis Rouge Coco ad for Chanel. It has the glam of old-school lipstick, but with a fresh modern take.

And from what we can see, although Vanessa looks fantastic, this photo is not overly photoshopped / airbrushed either, which has a giant stamp of approval from us.

She was chosen to represent the Peter Philip’s reformulated Rouge Coco lipstick because “it’s a lipstick for all women who understand that seduction comes from a few simple, shy gestures. And Vanessa is both childish and seductive, personifying perfectly boldness and power of emotion.”

We think the choice was perfect, and the timing is so right. As fresh and lovely as gloss can be, there’s nothing quite like the satisfying feel of wearing a pigmented lipstick. We bet our brides will be asking for this more and more in 2011!

Although this ad campaign has been out for a bit, we’ve only started our blog recently so haven’t had a chance to sing praises online until now. Yahooooo!

Candace & The BlushFX Team


Kandee Johnson’s Glaminar Bootcamp in New York

3 Oct

We had the great fortune of attending the fabulous celebrity make-up artist and YouTube make-up guru sensation Kandee Johnson’s Glaminar Bootcamp in New York recently. We were super excited to be in the presence of this sweet, beautiful, and talented Kandee.  She has worked on almost every TV show that is currently on the big networks right now as well as countless celebrities.  She also has an enormous cult-fan following on YouTube and her blogs, which can be found here and here.  She shares tips, tricks, and incredible look transformations that we can all try at home. She provides clear instruction and indicates brands and colour names of everything she uses, as well as more affordable drugstore substitues so we can all try the looks at home!

What makes her unique however, is her personality. She shares all of her life stories with her fans and comes through a lot of hardship with a great attitude, inspiring people to keep trying, keep smiling, to stay focused – not only to follow any potential makeup dreams but also anything else one wants to do in life.

The Glaminar Bootcamp consisted of a glorious full-day session in Times Square in New York. We were greeted with huge Kandee posters and balloons:

friendly helpers, her super sweet mom, and given a (yay) big silver surprise bag full of goodies…what a treat!

She also had a table full of deelish cupcakes. We enjoyed the Red Velvets ones…scrumptious! We only remembered to take the photo when most of them had been eaten but here’s what they looked like:

Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture of what was inside but the fabulous surprise treat bag contained this and more:

Cute and pregnant Kandee started by sharing with us some of her experiences working with celebrities, on-set (film, tv, etc) makeup artist etiquette, working with bridal clientele, importance of contracts, and providing feedback on some of her favourite products.  It’s very reassuring to know that she does not get paid to promote products, so everything she recommends really are just her favourites from experience. She did several beautiful makeup applications and showed us many tips along the way, all while taking questions and answering everything everyone wanted to know.

Finally – her favourite part – she did several very generous giveaways of some of her favourite products. She, while currently pregnant (she calls her baby-to-be her “cupcake”, so fitting) has spent countless hours securing these products from her favourite companies for the Glaminar giveaways. We could hardly believe it as she gave away all the items on the left-side of this table (naturally covered in zebra, her favourite animal print).

Some of the great giveaways included: Zuca bags, Beauty So Clean sets, NYX make-up kits and make-up, Z palettes (naturally in zebra and cheetah print!), Dinair Airbrush system, Model in a Bottle setting spray, and (drumroll….) what we have been coveting for a long, long time…the Vanity Girl mirror!

This is Kandee joyously giving away the goodies – the table is almost empty now!

She shared with us several very moving personal stories about herself and some previous Glaminar attendees that had us moved and in tears. We finished the day feeling more knowledgeable and inspired, and part of something so magical. This was an unforgettable experience for everyone – from novice to pro.

On a sidenote, although stunning in photos and videos, she is incredibly beautiful in person – we don’t know if we have ever seen someone so gorgeous in person before!

Candace & The BlushFX team