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The Return of Luscious Lipstick…Hoorah!

26 Oct

We at BlushFX are huge fans of lipstick, second only to blush, of course. And make that all kinds of lipstick. Creamy, matte, sheer, light, medium, dark, high-end, drugstore or discount. We love it all!

As much as we also adore the gloss that J.Lo made famous (and yes we are a little obsessed with her) there is just something about lipstick that is…transformative, feminine, luscious, and just so darned glamorous in that femme fatale way.

So naturally we were ecstatic when we first saw the release of this gorgeous Vanesssa Paradis Rouge Coco ad for Chanel. It has the glam of old-school lipstick, but with a fresh modern take.

And from what we can see, although Vanessa looks fantastic, this photo is not overly photoshopped / airbrushed either, which has a giant stamp of approval from us.

She was chosen to represent the Peter Philip’s reformulated Rouge Coco lipstick because “it’s a lipstick for all women who understand that seduction comes from a few simple, shy gestures. And Vanessa is both childish and seductive, personifying perfectly boldness and power of emotion.”

We think the choice was perfect, and the timing is so right. As fresh and lovely as gloss can be, there’s nothing quite like the satisfying feel of wearing a pigmented lipstick. We bet our brides will be asking for this more and more in 2011!

Although this ad campaign has been out for a bit, we’ve only started our blog recently so haven’t had a chance to sing praises online until now. Yahooooo!

Candace & The BlushFX Team


The Fitness Guru, Carmen Puyo

20 Oct

We had the great fortune of meeting and working with the fabulous Ms. Carmen Puyo earlier this year. She was the Maid of Honour for her the lovely bride.

First thing in the morning, Carmen was vibrant and upbeat, keeping the bridal party enthused and energized.  As the morning progressed and it came closer and closer to wedding hour, the bride started getting a little bit of pre-wedding nerves. Carmen pulled her aside and got her exercising – lunges, squats and more. When the breathless bride returned to my chair, she was entirely changed: laughing, relaxed and literally glowing. That’s just a little bit of the magic that is Carmen – if only she could be there to start everyone’s day, what a blissful place it would be!

Here’s a shot of me doing her makeup:

I found out that Carmen is a fitness expert who teaches group fitness; is a personal trainer; and created programs such as “Cardio Erotica” and co-created “Burst!” in an effort to help women achieve self-acceptance and strength. She’s been on Breakfast Television and won acclaim. Read more about her on our affililiates blog, on www.carmenpuyo.com and also www.burstnow.com.

Her belief is that “Sexy is not a look. It’s an attitude” . We couldn’t agree more Carmen, you embody both of these to us, what an inspiration!

If you know a bride to be, you might want to throw her a Cario Erotica Stagette Party…or…if you are a bride to be, contact her to learn more about her Bridal Party bootcamp to get ready for your big day!

Candace & The BlushFX Team