LG Fashion Week, part 2

4 Apr

If you missed it, check out our Part 1 post. Again, fyi we were having camera issues so these photos come from our Blackberries and Androids, so are a bit blurry but will have to do=)

On to the Runway! This is what we were really waiting for – Toronto’s own makeup-artist-turned-NextTopModel-celeb-turned-fashion-designer…Jay Manuel!!! This collection is called “Jay Manuel ATTITUDE” and will be available at Sears. Also, check out his fun blog here.

His show started WAY past scheduled time. Perhaps just to create drama, and perhaps to be fashionably late, or perhaps, because entirely new flooring was laid down. This time, shiny black. So new and shiny, that the plastic surface need to be peeled from it after everyone was seated, just before the show began.

Hair and makeup rocked!!! Hair was 40’s finger-wave styled, modernized with loads of bobby pins. Makeup was very dramatic – a drag-esque take on 40’s. Blocked brows penciled in to be very thin, high cheekbones, heavy foundation, smokey eyes and bold lips.

These two photos courtesy of http://www.fashionjunkii.com/:

Jay’s modest 2-second appearance  was surprising.  We thought/hoped he’d come out and be a bit more grandiose a la Jay’s normal working it style, maybe give us some cheeky attitude, but it was literally a quick humble smile, wave, and goodbye.

Jay’s larger-than-life backdrop remained until Runway area was cleared.

On a side note, super disappointing: some of our friends got to go backstage and meet him. Apparently he was pretty rude. They gushed “we LOVED your show!”. He granted them a photo but other than that didn’t acknowledge a word they said or otherwise demonstrate grace.

Jay, say it isn’t so – you can’t be one of those celebs! =(

Next up, David Dixon. Here’s his backdrop:

He did an interesting thing where he featured one model wearing one signature item from each of his past collections, accompanied by various interesting photo montages, or poems, and dramatic music. Our video and photos were super blurry so we won’t post those.

Here’s the actual collection for this show for Fall/Winter 2011 called “Escape to Jakarta”.

A bit hard to see because the background colour was a very bright orange light that didn’t come out well on camera. But here it is anyway in case interested:

Here’s are two stills courtesy of Sweetspot:

Here’s a Blackberry video of his show close:

On our way out, we bumped into one of the pretty models from his show. She’s in the first picture above (in the black/grey/red/white long dress). Loved to see the makeup close-up, and the braiding. This was the same look for all the models in his show.

We adore the continued braiding trend in hair, but mostly it’s the luscious lipstick that sets our hearts a-flutter. Remember when we talked about this trend a while back?

Yours in Fashionista-ing,

Candace & The BlushFX Team


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