LG Fashion Week, part 1

3 Apr

So LG Fashion Week (Beauty by L’Oreal) has come and gone. This time, it was located at Heritage Court at the Ex. We, very unfortunately, had camera issues so most of these photos were taken via Blackberries and Androids so they are a bit blurry. Please enjoy despite!

Had beautiful high ceilings, lots of natural lights, textured soft yellow brick walls; and was decorated with beautiful floor to ceiling sheer curtains with huge glamorous chandeliers everywhere.

Loved this crazy anime-like, very different from a lot of what everyone else was wearing which was mostly chic black or white.

There was lots of fun stuff like free Peroni beer, free L’Oreal hair and makeup makeovers:

And getting to pose with 4 live heavily airbrushed Ken dolls. The hilarious part was that they were smiling their California smiles all night would greet everyone with “Hey Doll! You look KENtastic!!!”

We were there to see fashion shows by Comrags, Jay Manuel, and David Dixon. Here is what the runway looked like as people were trying to find their seats:

And then when most people had been seated:

Note the white runway above. More on that next post in contrast with Jay Manuel’s show floor flooring.

Here’s the backdrop to the Comrags show, setting the tone of their show:

Hair is 40’s inspired but soft, wavy, loose, often tucked into messy bobs; and makeup is very soft, natural, earthy but somewhat defined. From The Toronto Sun:

Finale with all the models:

Robin Kay was sitting right across us. As president of the Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC), she’s an international ambassador for Canada’s fashion industry. She leads the FDCC in the organization of L’Oréal Fashion Week in Toronto so she can be seen at pretty much every show. You might also recognize her from Project Runway Canada where she was a guest judge. She’s the one wearing sunglasses and very S & M bondage looking stockings (or tape??? Lol).

Here’s what the press area looks like. After each show, the press run to this area and quickly write review/critique articles, blogs, post photos, etc.

Stay tuned for Part 2, next post.

Yours in Thoughts of Taped Stockings ‘n Swanky Events,
Candace & The BlushFX Team


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