Hair Show Highlights: Tabatha Coffey and more!

30 Mar

Just went to the annual ABA (Allied Beauty Association) show in Toronto on Sunday. What sights for sore eyes…colours to invoke a variety of moods, shapes to inspire, tools to create!

This is also known as “the hair show”. The ABA is an organization that represents most of the hair and nail industry. The ABA show takes place once a year in Toronto (and also elsewhere in Canada). It features lots of stuff like demonstrations on new hair trends and products; educational seminars; and creative competitions. It’s a great place for us to see what’s happening in hair trends, and talk to like-minded people about how to better serve our clients – you!

Unfortunately you only get to attend the show if you are working in the industry. So if don’t, then this is for you! Please enjoy some peeks of the magic we saw through our lenses. Here we go!

What a line-up to get in, but we didn’t even feel it because it was a sea of the most beautiful hair in one place, EVER, seriously. All kinds of imaginative colours and cuts – from retro chic to super funky or punky and everything in between!

Check out some of these colours and ‘dos, coveting the white ‘do in particular:

We got through just in time to catch ABA’s guest celebrity speaker Tabatha Coffey, TV host and star of “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover”. The auditorium was filled to capacity, and then some. This was the view from where we were standing, and there was a sea of people behind us as well.

She was exactly as she is on TV. If you haven’t seen the show, she can be described as a no-nonsense, brutally honest, straight-talking, funny, informative – a heady mix of glam with slight crassness and addictive Aussie accent.

Shortly after her talk, Tabatha had a book-signing meet ‘n greet with her fans. Note the long line of fans:

We walked by over an hour later and the line was just as long, new fans kept joining in. Here’s Tabatha with a fan:

Next up, watched some very cool, energetic demos from a few hair companies on upcoming trends, here are some captures…

Showing us the new trend in men’s hair for this season @American Crew:

Anime and new cutting techniques @Rusk:

From chic to funky @Matrix:

Bold colour and beautiful extensions @Wella:

Avant-Garde @L’Oreal:

Next up…competitions for Elegant Evening Makeup Competition and Evening Long Hair Elegance Competition. The Hairstyle competition was phenomenal in its intricacy, creativity, speed and perfection – photos here and here.

We were sad when the show closed, we wanted more, more, more!

But we did get to stock up on some new pro tools and even got a few small freebies on the way out (Moroccan Oil and L’Oreal hairspray, anyone?).

Wishing you all a great hair day!

Candace & The BlushFX Team


2 Responses to “Hair Show Highlights: Tabatha Coffey and more!”

  1. Nicole Clifford April 6, 2011 at 12:55 am #

    Wella, Red hair with extensions; thats me ! 😀

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